Shaft fracture fixation splint
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Shaft fracture fixation splint

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Shaft fracture fixation splint

After fibula shaft fracture splint to the third of the forty to fifty degrees of knee flexion and extension, inside and outside over the knee, in the middle part of the one-third, not to exceed knee and ankle joints, the lower third place, inside and outside the side over the ankle. Fixed pad to follow the two-point, three-point method, not too thick. Fibular head office, pad protection, to avoid losses. Lower limb neutral position, knee flexion twenty to thirty degrees.

Taigaohuanzhi to facilitate the swelling subsided. Limbs of close observation of blood supply situation, especially after the fixed 3-4 days should be observed limb skin color, temperature, sensation and swelling. If found limb swelling, pain, temperature drops, dark purple color, numbness, and with God flexor pain disorders, should be timely treatment. Do not be mistaken for the pain caused by fractures, otherwise there is a danger of avascular necrosis.

NOTE asked whether the bones protruding burning sensation, such as patients with persistent pain should be checked to lift plywood. In order to prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers. Note that frequent adjustment strap tightness, usually in 3-4 days after injury due to local inflammation, swelling increased, so that the splint too tight, should be appropriate to relax the tie. Later with local swelling subsided, tie slack should be tightened ties. Regular X-rays to see if displaced fracture, particularly in the two weeks should always check if the shift in time. Guiding patients functional exercise reasonable and precautions and methods immobilized explain to the families of patients cleared, obtain the patient's cooperation, in order to obtain a good therapeutic effect.

Splint length of time, should be based on fracture healing situation. Achieve fracture healing criteria, can be lifted splint. Before proceeding Manipulation, general health condition of the patient must be good and stable. In the entire complex when the patient adopts a comfortable position for the successful completion of the entire complex, avoid complications is very meaningful. Violence or repeated manipulation of the entire complex there are disadvantages to the patient is no benefit, and should be avoided. Patients and family members will be differences on recognition of the extent of the fracture function bit standard X-ray, the doctor can be explained. For it can not accept, consider open reduction surgery.


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